5 Things You Didn't Know About Fabio Perini Brazil

11/15/2019 | Dineo Silverio

It is possible that you may be familiar with Fabio Perini, but there are things about Fabio Perini Brazil that you probably don't know about.  Discover what they are in this brief video:



Hello! I'm Dineo Silverio, Fabio Perini's President for Latin America, based in Brazil, in Joinville, Santa Catarina.

I am here to highlight five facts that probably the majority of you do not know about the advantages of our operation. 

First: We have been operating in Brazil and throughout Latin America since 1974.   We are very proud to help build a solid and growing business in full partnership with our customers for 45 years.

Second: We have been recognized by the market, whether it’s for our customer loyalty or the numerous awards we have received for the high quality of our services and customer service, always with prompt and effective responses.

Third: We are the only supplier capable of producing and executing “Turn Key” projects making a complete delivery, from roll unwinding to palletizing, with flexible solutions for various product types, in Rolls, Institutional and Folded.

Fourth: We are a unique manufacturing unit in our group as we manufacture Fabio Perini converting equipment, CASMATIC packaging machines, Langhammer palletizing systems and recently, MTC brand folded machines, which are now also available to our customers with machines produced here in Brazil.

Fifth: We strive to meet all the production demands and needs of our customers, not only with high performance machines, but also with small production capacity machines, always maintaining the quality of our equipment and serving all the tissue producers and converters in our market.

For all these reasons, we are proud to say that Fabio Perini is the largest company for converting and packaging equipment in the world and the market leader! We have been in Brazil for 45 years, building a success story throughout Latin America. Always count on us!


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Dineo Silverio

Written by Dineo Silverio

Dineo Silverio, president of Fabio Perini Latin America, is responsible for a team of 200 professionals whose main objective is to provide the highest level of technology and customer satisfaction. He has been involved in the tissue industry, working with Fabio Perini, since 1994. Throughout his career, he has worked in all business areas, from installation, commissioning, start-up of new machinery, sales, customer service, and management of one of the most complete sales teams.