Giacomo Bianchi

Giacomo Bianchi is a product designer specializing in the development of products for chemically and mechanically engraved embossing rolls for tissue machines that produce toilet rolls, kitchen towel rolls, and industrial rolls. He has been with Engraving Solutions for more than five years.

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Make Embossing Decisions Fast With The New Touch ‘N’ Roll 3D Configurator

03/14/2019 | Giacomo Bianchi

Embossed products present tissue converters with a unique challenge: how to accurately convey the embossing pattern look and performance characteristics to sales and marketing teams, and equipment operators on the shop floor. Creating physical 3D models of rolls using printouts of 2D embossing patterns met with limited success and was often time-consuming. If the design was somehow modified, new models would have to be created from scratch, further contributing to an inefficient process.
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