Giuseppe Alberti

Giuseppe Alberti, APAC Sales Manager/Packaging Sales Manager, is a sales, marketing and business development leader with an entrepreneurial mindset and international experience. Giuseppe has been with Fabio Perini for more than 15 years and has held responsibility for strategic planning and business development.

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Primary Packaging: Challenges — and Solutions — For Tissue Converters

07/02/2020 | Giuseppe Alberti

Consumers evaluate brands on the shelf and often make purchase decisions based on primary packaging. How the product is presented makes a statement.

For tissue converters, getting toilet tissue and kitchen towels to market can be challenging due to the sheer number of pack configurations used — from single rolls to 90-roll multi-packs. Equipment must be versatile in order to provide seamless changeovers. There’s also the increasing importance of sustainable packaging materials. Transitioning from poly to paper requires careful consideration as not all machinery is adaptable. It all adds up to potential production line inefficiencies, and no OEM can afford wasted time or money.

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