Matteo Giardini

Matteo Giardini is Sales Director, Packaging at Fabio Perini, S.p.A. He began his career designing layouts for Casmatic when it was an independent company that shared a worldwide sales organization with Fabio Perini. He’s built his global expertise by studying hundreds of pages of technical specs from multinational customers while also consulting with family-owned businesses for their tissue converting and packaging investments.

Recent Posts

What You Need to Know Before Upgrading Your Packaging Line

05/09/2019 | Matteo Giardini

Packaging lines must run at peak productivity. Substandard performance can lead to high overhead costs, botched sales, and low profits — a less than ideal scenario for any tissue converter.

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The Circular Economy of Plastics — Part 1: What’s Now, What’s Next

03/21/2019 | Matteo Giardini

The past several decades have been a boon for plastics. Global production has topped 300 million tons annually, on its way to an estimated 650 million tons per year by 2035.1 In the EU alone, about 49 million tons of plastic are generated annually to meet varying degrees of need in the electronics, automotive, and building and construction industries — but at nearly 40% of overall consumption, plastic packaging is by far the greatest demand-generator.1

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