Steve Francies

Steve Francies has more than 25 years of experience in the folded sector. He worked at Green Bay Engineering and Fabio Perini as a technician, production lead, and trainer for interfolder equipment, and has experience installing machines around the world. Since 2013 he's served as a Sales/Project Manager at MTC North America, covering all aspects from mechanical and electrical theory to modern-day data transforming technology.

Recent Posts

MTC Helps Tissue Converters Capitalize on Folded Tissue Products

04/17/2020 | Steve Francies

Facial tissue. Hand towels. Napkins. Folded tissue products remain in demand. Growth rates in North America are projected at 1.8% annually through 2025, and away-from-home (AFH) product trends point to a 2.3% increase during that same timeframe.

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Prioritizing Sustainability and Quality in Folded Paper Products

10/30/2019 | Steve Francies

Sustainability has transitioned from buzzword to global call-to-action in a world dealing with ongoing environmental crises. In the paper industry, sensitivity is heightened around sustainability given the materials used to manufacture products. In burgeoning categories such as paper towels — a worldwide market projected to grow at a CAGR of nearly 5% over the next half-decade1 — ecology is a top priority, as demonstrated by emerging trends and technologies surrounding folded products.

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