iT’s Tissue 2018: A Can’t-Miss Converting Industry Event

05/21/2018 | Claudio Muñoz

Between June 25 and 29 this year, more than a dozen leaders in tissue converting technology are gathering in Lucca, Italy, for the 3rd annual iT’s Tissue event. Lauded as among the most reputable product showcases and networking opportunities in the industry, iT’s Tissue 2018 bills itself as “a journey through technological excellence made in Italy,” and it’s sure not to disappoint.

Attendees from across the globe will be fully immersed in the technological innovations behind the entire supply chain: tissue making, converting, packaging, handling, palletizing and factory automation — and have access to the specialists and trendmakers who envisioned them.

Fabio Perini will again be a featured innovator, using the iT’s Tissue 2018 platform to introduce breakthrough tissue converting technologies poised to revolutionize the industry. This year, Fabio Perini is focusing on digital solutions and what these emerging capabilities mean to the future of tissue converting and the world at large. Register for iT’s Tissue 2018 to gain full access to all of the offerings at the Fabio Perini Digital Tissue™ Open House, including:

  • A prototypical smart factory as interpreted by Perini engineers, complete with demonstrations of Fabio Perini technologies, machinery and service solutions that enhance the productivity and efficiency of your lines through collaborative data management

  • A show-and-tell converting and packaging line performing a brand change without halting production

  • Initiatives that are transforming Industry 4.0 by emphasizing the aggregation, analysis, organization and sharing of data to form continuous feedback loops and simplify processes

  • The worldwide premiere of four new, technologically advanced smart machines:
    • Constellation S6 Rewinder with Catalyst S6 Embosser
    • 179AX Log Saw featuring fast, safe automatic blade replacement
    • CARBON T Wrapper that offers the fastest changeover on the market
    • CMB270 Bundler designed for high speeds and a reduced footprint

  • A tour of the Lucca-based MTC facility, a developer, manufacturer and provider of interfolder/multifolder/napkin tissue converting equipment that was acquired by Fabio Perini’s parent company, Körber AG, in the summer of 2017. This addition allows Fabio Perini to provide customers with more opportunities to easily add folded products and solutions to their operations. In addition, Fabio Perini is building the infrastructure to fully support MTC spare parts, machine assembly and technical services in the Americas and the rest of the world

  • Discussions with Fabio Perini and Casmastic experts about our approach to customer-centric solutions, including our value proposition for smart condition monitoring of production lines to leverage process and operational efficiencies

The five days spent at iT’s Tissue 2018 is a worthy investment in your business, especially when you sign up for the insightful – and fun – Fabio Perini tours. Register today and join Fabio Perini and MTC in Lucca, Italy — the heart of the tissue industry!

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Claudio Muñoz

Written by Claudio Muñoz

An experienced executive in the Tissue and Pulp & Paper Industry, with wide-ranging global experience in brand management, engineering, product and process development initiatives, Claudio Muñoz brings a unique blend of innovation and strategic insight to his role as Marketing Director — Americas for Fabio Perini. He holds a bachelor's in Chemical Engineering from Universidad de Concepcion, Chile and a master's degree from the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

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