U.S.-based Cardinal Tissue and Fabio Perini Respond Together to COVID-19 Crisis

04/02/2020 | Claudio Muñoz

Global events surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) continue to unfold, serving as a reminder of the often unexpected and rapid course of change. Moving forward is complicated but necessary. It’s prompted U.S. government officials to designate certain organizations as essential to public health and the greater good. North Carolina-based Cardinal Tissue, a newer converting company,  is one such operation.

Vince Reese, Cardinal Tissue CEO and Fabio Perini partner, understands the trust and responsibility given his company to provide high-demand tissue products at this critical juncture. It’s a testament to Cardinal Tissue’s long-standing commitment to superior service and quality products, as well as a nod to the equipment they choose to use.

Cardinal Tissue’s Constellation S6 turnkey production line from Fabio Perini is the first of its kind in the world with self-adjusting machine (SAM) technology, and innovations aimed at optimizing OEE and operator safety.

In this video, Reese explains how his company benefits from Constellation and the Fabio Perini partnership:


Video Transcript

The core mission of Cardinal Tissue is to be a resource to the tissue industry and to be able to support a wide range of tissue converting needs.

What the Constellation S6 gives us the ability to do is immediately pursue all segments of tissue from ultra-premium to economy. We can handle any of the substrates with this technology and it allows us to have access to any market right off the bat. 

For Cardinal Tissue the reliability of the machine is very important. With limited resources as a startup, we don't have access to all the technical expertise that we might have if we were a more mature organization. Getting to capacity so that we could accept business, we needed and have a reliable machine. The pieces of the Constellation – the technology is emerging. The SRM, the auto blade chainsaw, these things are able to build upon a self-regulating machine so that the life of the machine could be longer.

I'm confident we'll be able to handle any changing market needs over the next decade. The partnership with Fabio Perini and Körber has impacted our business beyond technology. Culturally, we’re very well aligned.

I'm not looking for a transactional relationship –  you pay me this much money, I build you this, we get it back, okay, shake hands, we're done. That's not how we can partner into the future. 

We both have a mutually beneficial relationship, and we're both very passionate about the pursuit of excellence and improving the tissue industry in general.

As with Cardinal Tissue, Constellation and other forward-thinking Fabio Perini technologies can make your operation more effective and efficient. Contact us today to learn more.

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Claudio Muñoz

Written by Claudio Muñoz

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