Constellation Technology Supports Sofidel Innovation Throughout the World

06/25/2020 | Rhona Lombardo

In the tissue paper production market, few companies are in league with the Sofidel Group. The headquarters remains in the founding city of Porcari (Lucca), Italy, but much has changed since 1966.

Today, Sofidel is established in 12 countries throughout Europe and the United States of America, managing more than 1.3 million tons of collective annual tissue paper production.

Massimiliano Vannucchi, Sofidel Chief Operating Officer, points to innovation as key to the company’s ongoing success and industry leadership. The commitment to consistently invest in the best technology available gives Sofidel a decided advantage in offering qualitatively different products to customers, including those under the flagship Regina brand.

When Fabio Perini presented Constellation™ to Sofidel, the company immediately recognized the importance and value of incorporating the advanced rewinder into their business. Constellation™ technology now powers Sofidel production lines in all markets. It is instrumental in helping the company simplify operations, solve complex embossing challenges, and go to market with innovative products that help their customers succeed.



Sofidel is always looking for innovative technologies that allow it to offer its customers innovative products.

When Fabio Perini presented Constellation™ to Sofidel, we saw this possibility with this technology.

After the first industrial tests, our CEO decided to invest in this technology in all the markets where we are present in order to offer a qualitatively different product compared to the conventional one made with peripheral winding.

We have found that our operators are able to manage complex products more easily.

We appreciate the fact that even in the production of complex embossing, this technology helps us to simplify the operation.

The American challenge for Sofidel is a very important one. For this challenge, as we had already done in other challenges, in several European countries in our history, we decided to go to that market with the best technology we thought was available at that time, and that was Constellation™.

As with Sofidel, Constellation™ and other forward-thinking Fabio Perini technologies can make your operation more effective and efficient. Contact us today to learn more.

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Rhona Lombardo

Written by Rhona Lombardo

An experienced marketing manager and analyst, Rhona Lombardo brings broad knowledge of product portfolio strategy, communication, business intelligence tools, and crisis management to her role as Marketing Communication Manager for Fabio Perini, S.p.A. She holds a degree in Economics and Statistics from Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca, a Master’s degree in Marketing & Communication Management from 24ORE Business School-Milan, and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification.