Fabio Perini Brings the Future to Tissue World Miami

02/27/2020 | Claudio Muñoz

The tissue market is dynamic, and Tissue World Miami is exploring the possibilities of a new decade by asking, “Ready for Reinvention, Ripe for Disruption: Will the 20s Roar for Tissue?”

From March 11-13, over 200 global exhibitors will be on-hand at the Miami Beach Convention Center to give attendees a glimpse of the future — including Fabio Perini, along with sister Körber Solutions companies MTC, Engraving Solutions and Roll-Tec.  

Don’t Miss the Live Demo!

Fabio Perini will be celebrating the sale of its 100th Constellation machine, just 5 years after its introduction to the market — a remarkable milestone and a testament to the forward-thinking future of tissue converting. As part of the Constellation celebration and in conjunction with our partner Cardinal Tissue, we’re presenting exclusive livestream demos at Fabio Perini Stand B-90 on:

  • Wednesday, March 11, at 3:30 p.m.;
  • Thursday, March 12, at 11:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.;
  • Friday, March 13, at 11:30 a.m.

Join us for a full-function walkthrough of Cardinal Tissue’s Constellation S6 turnkey production line — the first of its kind in the world with the SAM (self-adjusting machine) technology, and innovations aimed at optimizing OEE and operator safety:

  • The Catalyst Embosser: The only embosser on the market with automatic steel roll changes for top and bottom positions. Product change is as easy as pushing a button on the HMI, which improves line safety, efficiency, and flexibility.

  • 179AX Log Saw: Fast, automatic blade replacement initiated through the HMI or via All In One application remote control — completed in less than 3 minutes! The 179AX log saw also features an automatic grindstone setting and roto-reverse sharpening that produces a higher quality blade edge and extended blade life — without manual intervention.

  • Carbon-T Wrapper: With 100% operator-free automation, the Carbon-T Wrapper offers the highest safety standards. The Trolley One Touch — a proprietary robotic mechanical arm designed by Fabio Perini’s engineering team — completely automates format changeovers, thereby reducing required changeover times by 80% versus traditional machines, and virtually eliminates operator setup errors.

Sustainability: Challenges, Strategies, Digitalization, and Solutions for the Tissue Industry

Pete Augustine, President, Fabio Perini North America, Inc., is slated for Day Two of Tissue World Miami. During his 2 p.m. presentation, he’ll provide insights about the series of solutions offered to help customers prioritize the environment, including:

  • Aquabond: A sustainable water lamination technology that replaces adhesive with water during ply bonding, without requiring new machinery or compromising the machine's mechanical features or final product quality.

  • Bio-pack: The technical improvement program developed to ensure all tissue packaging equipment - any size or format - can wrap packs with 100% eco-friendly material or paper reels combined with bioplastics, with no quality issues or line disruption.

  • Solid and Solid+, the coreless solutions for producing full rolls that maintain the product’s structural characteristics and roll diameter while increasing the amount of tissue per roll by 16%.  The changes also decrease required packaging by 10%  without reducing the amount of product transported.

  • SAM System: A data-led SAM approach used to control the rewinding and embossing process using data from an online roll and caliper inspection system. SAM allows for waste reduction, staffing optimization and quality control.

The future is coming to Tissue World Miami, and you don’t want to miss a minute of the largest gathering of the international tissue industry in North America! Register for Tissue World Miami today — we’re looking forward to seeing you at Fabio Perini Stand B-90

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Claudio Muñoz

Written by Claudio Muñoz

An experienced executive in the Tissue and Pulp & Paper Industry, with wide-ranging global experience in brand management, engineering, product and process development initiatives, Claudio Muñoz brings a unique blend of innovation and strategic insight to his role as Marketing Director — Americas for Fabio Perini. He holds a bachelor's in Chemical Engineering from Universidad de Concepcion, Chile and a master's degree from the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

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