Glue-Free Technologies Increase Environmental and Operational Efficiencies

07/25/2019 | Stefano Palazzesi

Converting paper to tissue or toweling is an adhesive-intensive process. It requires a total of four adhesives: one used during core winding, a second during pickup/transfer, a third for ply bonding lamination and a fourth seals the tail. With greater emphasis being placed on sustainability throughout the paper industry as a whole, this reliance on adhesives has come under recent scrutiny.

While an array of natural and semi-synthetic adhesives are available to make tissue converting more eco-friendly, it hasn’t fully aligned rolled products and processes with sustainability initiatives. The traditional adhesives used in bathroom tissue log production, for example, have been studied at length and found to be poorly degradable as solid waste, a threat to wastewater treatment, and exceedingly dependent on oxygen consumption during the prolonged organic breakdown.

Adhesives also introduce operational inefficiencies for tissue converters. Aside from the cost — which can be considerable — using adhesives on the production line can be problematic. Machinery requires additional cleaning to keep contact surfaces free from glue, and the adhesives themselves can dry out during lengthy downtimes. Further, there’s the virtual inevitability of adhesives being contaminated by paper dust which means wasted material and the added expense of special waste disposal.

Tissue converters find themselves caught between the need for adhesives and the ecological and operational consequences of using them. It’s a complicated position to be in, but it’s also compelling the industry to implement practical, adhesive-free solutions like the glueless technologies introduced by Fabio Perini.

Aquabond Water Lamination

A sustainable water lamination technology, Aquabond replaces adhesive with water during ply bonding, without requiring new machinery or compromising the machine's mechanical features and quality of the final product.

Aquabond technology is more than eco-friendly. It can be implemented directly from the HMI and simplifies ply bonding reducing the time and costs associated with embosser maintenance and cleaning.

Available for pure or recycled paper fiber, Aquabond:

  • Guarantees quality adhesion of the plies even at high speed
  • Provides efficiency comparable to adhesive-based ply bonding
  • Cuts production expenses by completely eliminating adhesives

Web Tuck Glueless Rewinder

The Web Tuck system allows for initial core pick-up without adhesive. Web Tuck technology is available on Horizon, Historia, and Millennium rewinders to make production sustainable, less messy and wasteful, and more cost-efficient.

Tail Sealer 563

The Tail Sealer 563 is the Fabio Perini tail sealing system that  joins the tail to the roll using mechanics instead of adhesive. This glue-free technology:

  • Ensures perfect sealing
  • Simplifies starting a new roll — no more wasted initial sheets
  • Improves finished roll quality
  • Incrementally increases line efficiency
  • Eliminates downtime related to glue in the accumulator, log saw, or packaging unit

Solid® and Solid+® Compact Rewinders

Perini-patented Solid and Solid+ technologies are environmentally-focused compact rewinding solutions that eliminate the use of a central core. Solid produces rolls wound with no cardboard core, and Solid+ is the first toilet roll to replace the traditional inner cardboard core with an extractable mini roll.

Solid and Solid+ reduce environmental impact through:

  • Reducing packaging material by up to 10%
  • Optimizing transportation (up to 16% more product fits on a standard truck)
  • Ensuring zero waste with every tissue roll
  • Eliminates the use of glue for core making and pickup/transfer

Removing adhesives from the tissue converting process is a win for the environment, customers, and manufacturers’ bottom line. Contact Fabio Perini to learn more about their versatile range of glue-free technologies!

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Stefano Palazzesi

Written by Stefano Palazzesi

Stefano Palazzesi is Product Manager – Converting for Fabio Perini and has more than 30 years of automation engineering experience in the tissue converting industry. He has played a key role in the company’s technology development and is a pioneer in its main industrial automation innovations.

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