How To Increase the Odds of Tissue Converting Line Setup Success

08/22/2018 | Scott Hansen

A new tissue converting line holds a lot of promise for your business — process efficiencies, product improvement, potentially higher profits. Fulfilling that promise requires a successful tissue converting line setup, which can be easier said than done without proper preparation.

Being aware of what might go wrong and how to avoid common pitfalls will save time, alleviate possibly costly delays and ensure the tissue converting line setup goes smoothly.

Obstacles to Successful Installation

As with any multi-faceted project, a tissue converting line setup can be subject to any number of temporary failures en route to completion. Among the most prevalent challenges include:

  • A contractor’s inexperience with converting equipment and/or its installation
  • Incorrect machine alignments
  • Poor project planning and inadvertent oversights, such as line support systems for power, air, glue supply and raw material handling not being readied for the transition by civil engineers or another qualified internal team
  • A lack of foresight on the part of the end-user which often necessitates on-the-fly equipment modifications, or scrambling for spare parts to replace normal wear items during startup or products changes
  • Overcoming Obstacles to Successful Installation

Partnering with your OEM from the initial planning phase through installation will go a long way in keeping unfortunate events from occurring. Clear, direct and ongoing communication is the key to ensuring the following preventive steps are taken:

  • The OEM contract and any subsequent revisions thereto are reviewed, clearly understood and signed off on by end-users, contractors, engineers and any ancillary professional services representatives
  • A responsibility matrix is drafted, refined, physically documented and distributed among all parties to avoid duplication of efforts and/or missed details
  • Verification and agreement that the OEM will select and supervise a contractor to disassemble any equipment and reassemble it at the end-user’s facility
  • Last-minute scheduling shifts are not made, or even warranted
  • Adequate time is set aside for tissue converting line startup and qualification

It’s important to note that these general preemptive actions are suited to tissue converting lines with new equipment, and not necessarily those containing used equipment. Why? With used equipment, any or all of the following could apply:

  • Programs/drawings and the original bill of materials do not reflect OEM and non-OEM modifications made by the previous owner
  • Safety measures like guarding and electrical interlocks may be obsolete due to equipment age or changes to safety standards
  • Training documentation may be missing
  • Spare parts and/or mechanical and electrical components may not be readily available

The Fabio Perini Advantage

The experts you choose to partner with prior to and during tissue converting line installation and startup can make a considerable difference in the setup’s success. Fabio Perini North America (FPNA) provides critical guidance for our customers throughout the process:

  • FPNA Technician Leaders are assigned to oversee the project, and follow the equipment from initial build through qualification and factory acceptance testing
  • FPNA Technicians are required to familiarize themselves with and receive proper training on all equipment that they are responsible for installing
  • Pre-installation meetings with skilled contractors and the customer to develop the installation schedule and mutually identify milestones for installation and startup.
  • Installation-specific checklists for mechanical, electrical and safety items that are completed and signed off on during each project phase
  • Comprehensive training for customer’s on-site electrical, mechanical and operations staff

The overall success of your tissue converting line setup is a balance of attention to detail and the quality of the equipment you choose to use. As a global leader in the tissue converting industry and trusted partner for installations, Fabio Perini North America can help you with both. Visit our Equipment Showcase to learn more about the tissue converting equipment we have available for quick delivery.

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Scott Hansen

Written by Scott Hansen

Scott Hansen is Technical Service Manager for Fabio Perini North America. He has over 30 years of experience in the tissue and non-woven converting field. Scott spent more than 12 years with a multinational converter prior to joining FPNA, where he has held roles as a service technician, trainer, supervisor and department manager.

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