MTC Helps Tissue Converters Capitalize on Folded Tissue Products

04/17/2020 | Steve Francies

Facial tissue. Hand towels. Napkins. Folded tissue products remain in demand. Growth rates in North America are projected at 1.8% annually through 2025, and away-from-home (AFH) product trends point to a 2.3% increase during that same timeframe.

The numbers are encouraging, and tissue converters are taking notice. Adding folded products to their portfolios is generally a profitable decision. It’s also increasingly necessary as many customers want the convenience of a “one-stop shop” to streamline supplier relationships.

Expanding products to include facial tissue, hand towels, and napkins sounds simple enough. However, the complexities of interfold and multi-fold configurations require sophisticated machinery. Production line equipment converters have for rolled products isn’t designed with folding capabilities — rightfully so, since folding is unnecessary for rolled product conversion. It presents a dilemma for tissue converters and an opportunity to innovate for Fabio Perini and MTC.

Advanced Technology

The need for folded products is evident to tissue converters, but many remain hesitant to add them. Interfolded and multi-fold products require separate technologies to execute — and that could be a considerable expenditure, especially if replacing outdated equipment.

Only MTC has the advanced technology available to address financial and production practicalities:

  • Adaptability: One machine with two interchangeable rolls — one for interfolded products, the other for multi-fold — provides maximum line flexibility and functionality.
  • Width: MTC lines are wider than any other on the market — a full 3.6 meter width means higher production rates. Even with the expanded width, MTC machines are designed to deliver a smaller footprint than other similar equipment.
  • Speed: More products can flow through MTC lines, increasing output without adding to operator workload.

Maximum Flexibility

Since most MTC lines adapt to multiple products — not just one — tissue converters can affordably gain entry into folded tissue, hand towel, napkin, and folded toilet tissue segments. But, they are not limited to entry level production.

MTC and Fabio Perini innovators have already considered and addressed next steps, developing seamless transitions to higher speed, product-specific machinery as production needs warrant. Further, despite fundamental differences between rolled and folded products, synergies exist between MTC and Fabio Perini equipment — helping tissue converters fully leverage their line potential.

Tissue converters are seeking to add depth and breadth to their product lines. MTC delivers both with folded product equipment innovations that simplify and expand production. Contact MTC for more information and to discuss your needs.

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Steve Francies

Written by Steve Francies

Steve Francies has more than 25 years of experience in the folded sector. He worked at Green Bay Engineering and Fabio Perini as a technician, production lead, and trainer for interfolder equipment, and has experience installing machines around the world. Since 2013 he's served as a Sales/Project Manager at MTC North America, covering all aspects from mechanical and electrical theory to modern-day data transforming technology.