An Ongoing Lean Journey Benefits You and Rewards Customers [VIDEO]

02/12/2019 | Saransh Choudhury

Fabio Perini North America has always focused on adding value as a full-service partner for tissue converters. So, when the opportunity arose to eliminate waste, improve quality and deepen customer relationships through the implementation of Lean practices, the choice was easy. Learn more in this video.


Hi, my name is Saransh Choudhury. I’m the Operations Manager for Fabio Perini North America. I’m also a certified Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma. Today, I’m going to speak a little bit about the Lean implementation journey at Fabio Perini North America and how it has benefitted our customers.

Lean for Fabio Perini North America, or any other organization, would be the identification and elimination of wastes in the value stream. And the way we define waste is anything which does not bring value to customers. For instance, in our case, anything such as overproduction, waiting, motion, transportation, inventory would be considered as wastes. And the way elimination of wastes helps our customers is by being efficient and effective ourselves, which helps us deliver better quality products to our customers.

So, our Lean journey started back in 2015, sometime around May. Our journey started with a small project in one area of the organization where we implemented Lean. And the reason we did that was to show the organization what Lean can bring to it. After that project was done successfully, we trained our colleagues, around 10% of our colleagues, on Lean and Six Sigma. After that, we have found opportunities to offer improvements using Lean projects and on multiple projects at our organization.

Lean has a big impact on our customers. I’m going to give you a couple of examples where the use of Lean tools within our organization had impact on our customers. For instance, we were able to use our response time for spare parts and TIPs and mods by using Lean tools, which basically means we were able to respond to our customers faster than usual.

Another example of the advantage of Lean tools was to reduce the lead time of some of the products we were able to make here in Green Bay. Another advantage of Lean tools was to reduce the amount of inventory we stored in-house but, at the same time, increase our service level because we were keeping an inventory of the parts really needed by our customers and not those spare parts that were not needed by our customers.

So, in our experience, there are a couple of key points that should be taken into consideration. One is the CEO, or the president of the company, and the top management — they need to have buy-in. They need to believe in it and then only this will start the process. 

The second thing would be to start small. Start in a place where you can implement Lean and see the benefits and show it to your employees and customers. Then you go to the next step of implementing it across your organization. So, those are a couple of points I would say where our customers could start their Lean journey.
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Saransh Choudhury

Written by Saransh Choudhury

Saransh Choudhury is Operations Manager for Fabio Perini North America, where he is responsible for overseeing machine and complex rebuilds, operational excellence, and the Smart Factory Cluster for BA Tissue. He has over 6 years of experience with Fabio Perini, has a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma, a master’s degree in Industrial management and a bachelor’s degree in metallurgical and materials science.