Primary Packaging: Challenges — and Solutions — For Tissue Converters

07/02/2020 | Giuseppe Alberti

Consumers evaluate brands on the shelf and often make purchase decisions based on primary packaging. How the product is presented makes a statement.

For tissue converters, getting toilet tissue and kitchen towels to market can be challenging due to the sheer number of pack configurations used — from single rolls to 90-roll multi-packs. Equipment must be versatile in order to provide seamless changeovers. There’s also the increasing importance of sustainable packaging materials. Transitioning from poly to paper requires careful consideration as not all machinery is adaptable. It all adds up to potential production line inefficiencies, and no OEM can afford wasted time or money.

Faced with packaging dilemmas — especially around single roll wrap — tissue converters have gotten inventive. It’s not unusual to see two or three wrappers that run at 250 rolls per minute churning through single rolls of kitchen towels to keep up with line speed and consumer demand. While workable to an extent, the use of several wrappers also presents a problem: production line bottlenecks that eliminate any perceived efficiencies.

As a tissue industry innovator, Fabio Perini identified the need for solutions that specifically addressed the issues converters face surrounding performance and materials.

Technology-Driven Solutions: Carbon-T Wrapper

Blending Industry 4.0 with advanced technology, the Casmatic Carbon-T wrapper is the latest generation of Fabio Perini innovation.

The construction of the Carbon-T centers around performance and footprint. Lightweight carbon fiber components replace the typically heavy moving parts on the machine. As a result, the main brushless motors are smaller and less taxed when operating which cuts energy consumption.

Further, the Carbon-T wrapper is the only one of its kind in the world equipped with an advanced autofeed drive and automatic trolley changeover. The patented Trolley One Touch system automatically replaces the number of trolleys needed for each format — saving time on the line and allowing less experienced operators to carry out changeovers with minimal training and no risk since they do not enter the machine.

Advanced technology makes the Carbon-T wrapper pivotal in improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). It also provides opportunities to use sustainable packaging materials without compromising machine performance or finished product quality.

Sustainable Materials: Biopack Full Kit

The Biopack Full Kit — an exclusive add-on option for the Carbon-T wrapper — is Fabio Perini technology that expands packaging material choices for toilet rolls and kitchen towels. Biopack technology makes minimal machine adaptations that allow for the use of either traditional materials like polyethylene or eco-friendly recyclable papers like laminated kraft.

Since Biopack technology is integrated into the machine and line seamlessly, production is not interrupted and tissue converters efficiently meet the demand for sustainable packaging solutions.

Primary packaging has taken on added importance in an ecologically conscious world, and with good reason as consumers move toward earth-friendly choices. Fabio Perini helps tissue converters take the lead in product packaging. Contact the Fabio Perini team to learn more about packaging solutions that reflect market preferences, increase production efficiencies, and embrace sustainability through advanced technology.

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Giuseppe Alberti

Written by Giuseppe Alberti

Giuseppe Alberti, APAC Sales Manager/Packaging Sales Manager, is a sales, marketing and business development leader with an entrepreneurial mindset and international experience. Giuseppe has been with Fabio Perini for more than 15 years and has held responsibility for strategic planning and business development.