Remote Product Development Solutions Empower Tissue Manufacturers During Pandemic

04/10/2020 | Team Engraving Solutions

COVID-19 has changed the global conversation around pandemics and how the world responds to them. While each country grapples with the far-reaching and still largely unknown impact of COVID-19, manufacturers — including those within the tissue industry — are dealing with a new and hopefully temporary normal that is upending business growth.

Many tissue manufacturers are choosing to halt product development in response to the pandemic, and in some instances partially because supplier partners are unavailable to assist with the important product development process. The Körber Tissue companies are sensitive to the situation. We are committed to helping tissue manufacturers and converter partners navigate an uncertain future.

Like our remote technical service, our forward-thinking innovations allow us to provide remote product development support during the COVID-19 crisis. Principally, Engraving Solutions offers two remote solutions that many tissue manufacturers are finding invaluable:

The Touch ‘N’ Roll 3D Configurator

Touch ‘N’ Roll is the tissue industry’s only 3D configurator that offers the user an onscreen 3D experience as to how an embossing pattern will appear on a specified roll type. Colors and detailed design elements appear exactly as they will when the embossed rolls are produced.

A dynamic visualization tool, Touch ‘N’ Roll allows users to see the roll from all angles and to zoom in and out for closer inspection of embossing properties. Seeing a representation of the finished product instead of assuming how a flat design will translate onto rolls allows for faster, better decisions and improved operational efficiencies. Plus, with a 3-month free trial of the premium license you can leverage all of the Touch ‘N’ Roll benefits including unlimited product pattern configurations, side-by-side product comparison up to 4 different solutions, and team sharing capabilities.

Virtual Pilot Line Testing

Thanks to our network of video recording systems and real-time interaction capabilities give tissue manufacturers unparalleled remote access to the Engraving Solutions team. Guided demonstrations of new prototypes and evaluation of dedicated production batches provide key insights into new market opportunities — making production purposeful, even during turbulent times.

Today’s global climate makes product development both essential and challenging. Working with leaders in the tissue industry that have plans, processes, and technologies in place to help you continue to move forward is a prudent decision. Contact Engraving Solutions to learn more about our remote product development solutions and how they can benefit you.

Topics: Technology, Operations