Smart Technology: New Moonlight Unwinder Improves Safety, Efficiency, Quality

03/07/2019 | Stefano Palazzesi

Manual tasks within the unwinding process put many tissue converters at a disadvantage. Operators are responsible for the preparation and transition of parent reels between paper machines and the converting line, which is physically demanding and often time-consuming. Further, these functions increase the likelihood of damage to the tissue and greatly jeopardize operator safety — all substantial risks for tissue converters.

With the advent of Industry 4.0 and smart technologies, solutions to these challenges are now available and Fabio Perini’s new Moonlight unwinder virtually eliminates off-line human intervention during unwinding through forward-thinking automation:

  • Craneless: Parent reels are put into place without using a traditional crane, removing the threat of operator injury from heavy overhead loads that could break free, while also saving operator time.

  • Chuckless: Robotic arms sense and insert expandable chucks into parent reel cores, eliminating the need for operators to lift and insert heavy chucks and the related risk of injury. This smart process also protects parent reel cores from damage caused by misaligned chucks during insertion or extraction.

  • Combined drive system: Surface and center driven unwind system (dual belt and motorized chuck) offer better control of parent reel/web unwind. This system preserves more bulk in the sheet, further stabilizes the unwinding process and dramatically reduces the potential for breakouts on the line by reducing the torque and the load applied to the core.

  • Flying splice system: The flying splice system is critical to operator safety and production efficiency. Created and introduced to the market by Fabio Perini a number of years ago, the automated joining of one parent reel to the next means no taping or use of a festoon, removing operators from the process entirely and speeding up line performance. Moonlight is the latest Perini unwinder to leverage this industry-changing technology.

Moonlight’s enhanced features expressly improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and, along with improved machine accessibility platforms and ergonomics, keep operators out of harm’s way.

 To find out more about the new Moonlight smart unwinder and our entire product line of innovative tissue converting and packaging solutions, contact Fabio Perini today.

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Stefano Palazzesi

Written by Stefano Palazzesi

Stefano Palazzesi is Product Manager – Converting for Fabio Perini and has more than 30 years of automation engineering experience in the tissue converting industry. He has played a key role in the company’s technology development and is a pioneer in its main industrial automation innovations.

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