Fabio Perini's Sustainability Solutions Featured at TissueCon, MIAC and Tissue World 2019

09/12/2019 | Oswaldo Cruz, Jr.

With the global push toward more eco-friendly solutions in the paper industry, it’s fitting that Fabio Perini, MTC and Engraving Solutions will offer visitors at TissueCon (October 1-4), MIAC  (October 9-11) and Tissue World Sao Paolo (October 22-24) valuable insights into Made With Green Heart Technology, the latest sustainability technologies designed to help tissue converters reduce waste and inefficiencies.

The main focus of these innovations is significantly reducing or eliminating the use of adhesives during tissue converting since, traditionally, the amount and types of glues used during production raises environmental concerns. Now, tissue manufacturers and converters have viable earth-smart alternatives:

Water Lamination

  • Bio Pack TIP: Technology that enables the wrapping of all pack formats with eco-friendly paper, bioplastic, and laminated/extruded/glued bio-material without changing machine settings.
  • Aquabond: A sustainable water lamination technology, Aquabond replaces adhesive with water during ply bonding, without requiring new machinery or compromising the machine's mechanical features and quality of the final product.

Glueless Technologies

  • Web Tuck Glueless Rewinder: Initial core pick-up without adhesive to make production sustainable, less messy and wasteful, and more cost-efficient.
  • Tail Sealer 563: The Fabio Perini tail sealing system that joins the tail to the roll using mechanics instead of adhesive. 

No Core Product Solutions

Fabio Perini-patented Solid and Solid+ technologies are environmentally-focused compact rewinding solutions that eliminate the use of a central core:

  • Solid: Rolls wound with no cardboard core.
  • Solid+: The first toilet roll to replace the traditional inner cardboard core with an extractable mini roll.

Eco-friendly Embossing

Engraving Solutions’ SAVER, which combines PIXEL and 4D technologies, enables the production of highly-decorated rolls with only small amounts of glue while reducing fiber usage. The process improves finished product resistance and allows converters to create shades of color in embossed products.

Sustainable Folded Products

  • ITF 5000 interfolder re-thought to produce hand towel products using ecological glue and paper band.

Don’t Miss Our Two MIAC Open Houses

This year during MIAC exhibition there will be two Open Houses to provide valuable insights into what tissue industry leaders are working on to shape the future, including:

  • Fabio Perini: Learn firsthand about the flexibility, performance-enhancing features and other benefits of the Proxima S6, the new industrial rewinder for away from home (AFH) products.
  • MTC: Discover the advantages of ITF Series Interfolders and how original MTC vacuum folding technology enables top-level productivity, quality, and efficiency of all types of single fold products, hand towels and toilet paper.

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Oswaldo Cruz, Jr.

Written by Oswaldo Cruz, Jr.

Oswaldo Cruz, Jr. is CEO of Fabio Perini S.p.A and Körber Tissue Business Area. He has been with the company for more than 20 years and has held roles as Managing Director of Fabio Perini Brazil, with market responsibility for all of Latin America, and as a Sales Manager for Brazil. He has an MBA as well as a degree in mechanical engineering.