The Role of Wearable Technology in Shaping the Customer Experience

10/23/2018 | Pete Augustine

Today’s tissue converters are serving customers who expect fast turnarounds and minimal downtime. Finding ways to be more cost-effective, efficient and focused on production is a top priority.

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OEM Or Non-OEM Spare Parts? It’s a Question of Total Cost of Ownership

08/08/2018 | Elizabeth Wilson

It’s an age-old dilemma for tissue converters: OEM spare parts or non-OEM spare parts? Cost often drives manufacturers to decide upon the latter and, just as often, they usually come to regret it.

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Downtime: Planned, Unplanned and Its Impact on Tissue Converters

05/08/2018 | Scott Hansen

Downtime can be a detriment to tissue converters, but it’s also necessary to keep production lines running at peak efficiency. The difference between hindrance and help is if the downtime is unplanned or planned.

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