Technology and Collaboration Drive Successful Remote Installation

07/17/2020 | Mark Hines

Fabio Perini is no stranger to technology. As a leader in the tissue industry, we’ve innovated Industry 4.0 artificial intelligence-based solutions that target specific customer needs.

Our global Tissue Performance Center data scientists are able to continuously collect, and analyze production line performance data. In turn, the data is used to provide information on the status of machines and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) for customers throughout the world — from one remote location.

The Fabio Perini Expert Online services and our solutions-focused TeamViewer augmented reality viewing technology are typically among the first lines of defense for customers seeking effective troubleshooting in emergency situations or time-saving routine service calls.

But, what happens in the new and unprecedented age of the coronavirus (COVID-19)? How can advanced technology be leveraged to accomplish necessary duties made daunting by the threat and safety mandates of the pandemic? Fabio Perini North America (FPNA) expertise was challenged in such a way. 


The COVID-19 outbreak first manifested around the time an established FPNA customer was scheduled for a line installation. Restrictions with regard to the virus immediately halted plans, yet the business need for the equipment remained. Finding a way to comply with pandemic-related mandates and still complete the installation became a top priority.

In collaboration with the customer, FPNA arrived at a solution never previously attempted: remote installation. While not ideal, the unique set of circumstances surrounding the project supported its attempt:

  • The customer had previous experience with moving and installing Fabio Perini equipment within their facility and were well-versed in the process — including documenting machine checkout with precise measurements and photographs
  • An FPNA electrical technician located nearby the customer’s facility was assigned to perform line safety validation
  • The customer’s account manager on the project was an experienced electrical technician/trainer and oversaw previous machine installations, making him an essential point of contact for remote processes
  • FPNA’s robust remote service team and tools were highly capable of undertaking the one-of-a-kind installation

Challenges and Solutions

The remote installation presented several significant challenges. The greatest complication was the inability to have contract workers on-site due to the pandemic lockdown. The customer was put in a position to work exclusively with internal employees for the installation, with the exception of one Fabio Perini electrical technician.

Doing the work themselves instead of overseeing the team of installation technicians heightened the level of trust in the customer-FPNA relationship. Each team had to depend on the other for timely information-sharing and assembly instruction without the benefit of face-to-face consultation. Further, the shared responsibility of managing day-to-day occurrences like accidental component breakage and replacement required absolute transparency.

Ultimately, assigning points of contact for the teams and fastidious coordination of details won the day in overcoming these concerns and others that arose related to remote commissioning. The COVID-19/CDC guidelines were respected and adhered to throughout, which made this accomplishment that much more remarkable.

Learnings and Advantages

Remote installation is not currently mainstream. However, this particular situation — and its success — is encouraging as it defined certain advantages to the process:

  • The customer understands the Fabio Perini equipment on a deeper level, from physical assembly to functionality testing and initial setups
  • The customer can apply learnings to production, increasing OEE and profit potential
  • FPNA was able to refine the combination of innovative technologies required to accomplish and support remote activities, in this case using M-Guard, TeamViewer, and Wearables

Fabio Perini is known for innovation, as demonstrated by applying technology to overcome adversity in a unique remote installation. It also shows the character of our company, as the customer-FPNA relationship was strengthened, and an unbreakable bond formed through navigating a global crisis and addressing a critical business need together. Contact the Fabio Perini team to learn more about how we can help you.

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Mark Hines

Written by Mark Hines

In his role as Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Mark Hines blends sales management, marketing, business development, contract management, and engineering expertise with 25+ years of pulp & paper industry experience to provide Fabio Perini North America customers with a well-rounded, world-class experience and proven results.

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