Keeping The Future of Tissue Converting Connectivity and Customer Service In Sight [VIDEO]

01/29/2019 | Jeff Heim

As tissue converting equipment advances, a customer’s knowledge may not keep pace, which can lead to a disconnect when trying to solve problems or improve efficiencies. Fortunately, skilled technicians are available via augmented reality to help troubleshoot problems digitally. Learn more in this video.




Hi, I’m Jeff Heim, service specialist here at Fabio Perini North America. I control the expert online room and within that room we control the Weareable glasses.   We introduced the Weareable glasses a few months back at the 2018 MIAC Show. They are used for connecting remotely either to customers or technicians and has a live stream of audio and video back to our Expert Online office here at Fabio Perini North America.  We use that to troubleshoot the machine and any production needs. 

I think why we went with this technology is basically because we saw throughout the different customers that we have the knowledge and the skill level has either decreased or the experts have retired or left. With that knowledge being gone from the company, they can rely on the expert online room, where we dial in with the customer. The customer can then say “I’m having an issue, could you please help us out?”

With our being able to see what the issue is live, and via audio and video, we can actually troubleshoot a lot faster.  And with that troubleshooting happening faster, that means your downtime is less and any issues are resolved much faster.

One example we’ve had since we rolled out the Weareable Glasses is last week. I had a customer call in and needed to find a component issue on the electrical cabinet.  Within that call, basically he needed to find where the device was, so I had the gentleman put the glasses on. I was able to guide him to the right cabinet and then actually draw a circle around the component I wanted him to look at.  As the Expert Online, I can draw notations into the display and he can see them right in the glasses, augmented.

If I were to try to guide the customer via phone call and not use the glasses, sometimes it can take 15-20 minutes just to get him to the right spot, but with the glasses it was a matter of a few minutes to get him to the exact location he needed to be.

One of the benefits that we’ve seen in the past is the amount of downtime has decreased, I would say that by going from a typical phone call to using the Weareable Glasses the amount of troubleshooting time is deceased by 60%. The other benefit is possibly not having to pay for a technician benefit — we can resolve the issue remotely using the live-streaming video.

The device is very simple to start up. Basically, all you need is a WiFi connection that can handle a bandwidth  for streaming audio and video. If you’re interested in the Weareable Glasses device, contact your FPNA sales representative.

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Jeff Heim

Written by Jeff Heim

Jeff Heim is a Service Specialist for Fabio Perini North America where he leads the company’s Expert Online service and serves as a technician and electrical supervisor. He has 14 years of experience at FPNA troubleshooting technical challenges and prior to joining the company worked as an electrical contractor installing paper machines and paper converting equipment.