Should Tissue Converters Buy OEM or Aftermarket Spare Parts?

10/03/2019 | Elizabeth Wilson

There are a lot of options for purchasing spare parts for tissue converting equipment. However, choosing OEM parts over non-OEM/aftermarket parts is critical if you want to save what could be thousands of dollars and also reduce the overall risk to your tissue converting operation.

You may think we’re overstating the difference – after all, parts often look alike so it stands to reason they also perform alike. But that’s simply not true. Opting for cheaper non-OEM parts could mean making your company vulnerable to several key losses:

1. Lost efficiency

Non-OEM parts may not offer the same level of performance as OEM parts, which could lead to production slowdowns.

2. Lost time

Lost time usually equates to lost money. If a non-OEM part malfunctions or fails, it could cause significant damage to one of your tissue converting machines. There’s no guarantee an equipment manufacturer can offer technical support to troubleshoot the problem, and your production line could be down for an extended period of time. 

3. Lost warranty 

Using off-brand parts could void a manufacturer’s warranty, meaning your company is out equipment repair or replacement costs on top of productivity losses.

4. Lost safety

Non-OEM parts could put workers at risk, leading them to feel unsafe while operating the equipment. A reportable incident could have costly ripple effects in injuries, physical damages, and possible liability insurance premium increases.

Purchasing genuine OEM parts reduces these risks and can give your company substantial advantages when it comes to savings, productivity, and time management. 

Consider this example:  Recently, Fabio Perini was called in by a customer that was experiencing frequent belt breakage in one of its tissue converting machines. Our technician identified the cause of the problem right away — a non-OEM pulley made at a local machine shop. The pulley was swapped out for an OEM version, and the belts started lasting twice as long — saving the converter time and money while also increasing productivity.

There’s simply no substitute for OEM parts, and it’s never been easier to order them. Check out the short video below to learn how Fabio Perini’s Spares Online portal makes finding and ordering spares for tissue converting equipment a quick, easy, and accurate process.


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Elizabeth Wilson

Written by Elizabeth Wilson

Elizabeth Wilson is Aftermarket Spares/Customer Service Manager for Fabio Perini North America. She holds a Masters of Business Administration in Supply Chain Management, and has 19 years of tissue converting industry experience inclusive of roles in customer service, procurement and international business.

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