Given the flammability of tissue and the large quantities on-site at a facility, tissue converters must remain vigilant against the threat of fire. Even small flare-ups can be debilitating.

How confident are you that your existing system offers the fire protection you need?

The Fire Suppression Technical Improvement Program (TIP) Guide explores a new type of fire suppression system tailor-made for the tissue industry by Fabio Perini. Learn how advanced smart technologies:

  • Interconnect all brands of equipment with an automated Sensitive Piping System that is unaffected by dirt, dust, or other environmental factors
  • Digitally monitor, gather, and react to temperature fluctuations
  • Use compressed air and low-pressure water mist to extinguish fires and control secondary damage
  • Eliminate the expense and upkeep of traditional external pumps or tanks
  • And more!

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