Technology designed for increased safety and efficiency

With dangerous and disruptive log saw blade changeovers to consider, how do tissue converters keep their workers safe and their lines moving?

The solution lies in the Blade Change Technical Improvement Program (TIP) from Fabio Perini — advanced automation technology that decreases human-machine interaction and significantly increases worker safety:

  • No exposure to large blades
  • No entry into running machines required
  • No undue stress that can lead to mental errors and mishaps

Although largely inspired by safety initiatives, tissue converters automating blade changes realize an immediate increase in OEE driven by:

  • Blade change time dropping from an average of 30 minutes to less than 3 minutes — a 90% reduction!
  • No rewinder downtime during blade changes
  • Enhanced cutting quality and up to 30% longer blade life

The Blade Change Technical Improvement Program (TIP) Guide explains how the same advanced blade change automation introduced on the 179AX Log Saw has been replicated for Fabio Perini 176 and 177 log saws — keeping workers safe, lines running, and profitability maximized.

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