Technology to eliminate plastics, protect the environment, and improve pack wrapping

Bio_Pack_TIP_for_Wrappers_CoverPlastics are at the center of an escalating eco-crisis, and the 161 million tons used for single-use packaging every year is among the largest causes of concern.

In response, virgin and recycled fiber papers and bioplastics are being used as packaging alternatives. However, the new solutions also present new challenges to tissue converting equipment compatibility.

The Bio PACK Technical Improvement Program (TIP) Guide explores new technology developed by Fabio Perini that allows tissue converters to:

  • Wrap all pack formats with eco-friendly poly, paper, bioplastic, and laminated/extruded/glued bio-material without changing machine settings
  • Provide perfect, hermetic product protection
  • Enhance packaging quality, efficiency, and performance
  • And more!

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