• 716B Rewinder
  • 716B Rewinder
  • 716B Rewinder
  • 716B Rewinder

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DELIVERY | Available in 2019!




  • Combines unwinding, embossing, perforating, tail sealing and cut-off into one compact machine
  • Can handle the entire range of the most common toilet roll types with minimal product changeover times and uncompromising quality
  • Produces traditional rolls with core on one or two lanes


  • Winding: Product characteristics are set on an operator interface which is linked to a programmable controller (PLC). Pick-up is done without the use of glue, and the roll is usable to the last sheet.
  • Tail sealing: Located at the winding area exit, the tail sealer features an extractable-blade system with glue overflow that distributes a continuous glue line along the entire length of the log.
  • Cut-off: The start/stop machine is equipped with a mechanical trim elimination device and a 610 mm diameter blade.


  • Format: 2,700 mm
  • Max winding speed: up to 350 mpm
  • Maximum cycle rate: up to six logs per minute depending on winding length
  • Log diameter range: 90–130 mm
  • Sheet count: by increments of one up to maximum log diameter
  • Core diameter range: 36–50 mm
  • Cut-off length: 95–115 mm
  • Perforation length: 95–150 mm
  • Max reel diameter: 1,500 mm
  • Max reel weight: 1,200 kg