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DELIVERY | One Available October 2018




  • Available in 2,800 mm format, can attain product diameters up to 200 mm and cycle rates up to 40 logs/min
  • The 409 mm steel rolls ensure high performance for any type of embossing.


  • Unwinder with pneumatic control reduces maintenance
  • Embosser has a retractable gluing unit and ergonomic design for easy access and safety
  • Through a command on the HMI panel, both steel embossing rolls can be replaced automatically from a warehouse that can store 4 additional rolls, thanks to the Catalyst technology
  • With the optional A-ware, each embossing roll can be taken out from the warehouse while the line is running
  • Corewinder and Flying Splice provide continuous operation with automatic reel change
  • HMI-controlled rewinder web tensioning and pick-up glue positioning control
  • Grinding dust vacuum system reduces log saw cleaning and helps reduce fire risk
  • Tail sealer features infeed and outfeed bypass without machine downtime


  • Parent Reel: Up to 2,500 mm diameter, 3,000 kg weight
  • Embosser: DESL, DECO, and Catalyst
  • Steel Rolls: Up to 409 mm
  • Retractable gluing unit
  • Sincro Transfer system
  • Overhead core infeed
  • Perforation: Double with four- and six-blade rolls; Fixed four-blade roll with axial shift
  • Blade core gluing and tail sealing
  • Infeed and outfeed tail sealer bypass
  • Accumulator and grinding dust vacuum system included
  • Log saw log transport unloading selectable up to four lanes/continuous pusher movement
  • “Trimeasy” mechanical Trimex